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The Pure Emu Oil has been a wonderful source of pain relief

  • March 25, 2007
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Nutricare Plus,

In October of 2006 I wandered into the Nutricare Plus booth at the Deerfield Fair. I had heard a bit about Pure Emu Oil’s pain relieving benefits with arthritis but was extremely skeptical; actually I was more than skeptical, I didn’t believe it would work.

I’ve had arthritis pain in my hands for about two years. We talked a bit and you said to try the Pure Emu Oil sample and see for myself. I rubbed a few drops of Nutricare Plus’s fully refined Pure Emu Oil on the joints of both hands and wandered off back into the fair thinking that ‘this stuff will never work.

I caught up to the other people I was attending the fair with, one of whom (my sister-in-law Patty) also suffers from arthritis pain in her hands and wrists. I explained where I had been and that I tried a sample of the Pure Emu Oil. As we walked around, I realized that about 10 minutes after applying the Pure Emu Oil the pain in my hands was gone.

Almost stunned, I returned to the Nutricare Plus booth bringing my sister-in-law along. I had her try the Pure Emu Oil on her hand and wrist pain. In less than 10 minutes, she too experienced relief.

I asked my physician about taking pain medication to control my mild to moderate pain or discomfort from arthritis. His reply was to learn to live with the discomfort as he does not approve of taking over the counter pain meds on a daily basis.

The Pure Emu Oil has been a wonderful source of pain relief for both my sister-in-law and me. We both have been using Nutricare Plus since last October and I placed a reorder today.