One inch by half inch gash with no skin Dark Scar Testimonial

  • June 15, 2011
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Nutricare Plus,

“Thank goodness I was introduced to the Burnicure Serum, Nutricare Plus Pure Emu Oil, Balance of Nature Antioxidant Serum, and the Smooth Fusion Skin Regeneration Cream four months after a terrible fall which split my leg open just below my knee. Stitches or a butterfly were not an option since there was a one inch gash with no skin and only exposed flesh.”

“It took months to scab over and left a one inch by half inch gash with no skin and flesh missing from the fall. I never thought my skin would ever look the same.”

“After four months my accident left a terribly large dark scar. A friend told me about Nutricare Plus skincare products that he had been using for several years. So. I started using the pure emu oil as a base and then I applied Burnicure and then Skin Regeneration Cream on my scar on my leg at the same time. The pure emu oil, antioxidant serum and skin regeneration cream I used on my face.”

“I watched daily as right before my very eyes the scar started fading each and every day. My skin started growing back. I can’t believe Burnicure, Pure Emu Oil and the Skin Regeneration Cream worked so well in just four weeks even as I am writing these words.”

“I love all your skincare products and use them every day on my face, arms, hands and the scar on my leg. I am thankful for the complete rescue to my damaged skin that your products have given me. I don’t have to live with a large terrible scar the rest of my life and I know I’m looking and feeling younger every day.”

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