Balance of Nature Antioxidant Serum

Smooth Fusion® Organics

Smooth Fusion ® Organics ™ products for women and men are an advanced skin care line designed to heal problem skin conditions by using only natural and certified organic ingredients found in the herbal and organic tradition.

Smooth Fusion ® Organics is a highly effective organically made premium quality skincare product with at least 80% certified organic ingredients and remaining ingredients are all natural, paraben free, contains no harsh chemicals, is non-toxic with no heat. Our Organic salves and many of our antioxidant oils are 100% Certified Organic and cold pressed. Smooth Fusion ® Organics skincare restores the vitamins and fatty acids which re-hydrate the skin and bolsters the production of collagen and elastin with a unique regenerative effect.

Smooth Fusion ® Organics Skin Care formulas were developed from the consultation of Nutricare Plus™ Holistic Health Advisors. These Holistic Health Advisors have partnered with Nutricare Plus™ to bring you the exclusive Smooth Fusion ® Organics skin care line with herbal remedies that focus on specific health needs and overall wellness. Smooth Fusion products have been formulated by experienced licensed herbalists from around the country who have spent years studying conditions such as these and we are focused on bringing the finest herbal remedies that meet everyone’s needs and surpass their expectations.

These herbal products are not found anywhere else. They have been tested on an open market for over twelve years with outstanding results; which is why we are bringing Smooth Fusion ® Organics skincare products to you in far greater quantity than in 2003.

Smooth Fusion ® Organics skin care line captures the curative powers of nature. We know that you will find these products to be effective, as our many customers already have!

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