Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil .36oz/10ml Blue Glass Bottle White Dropper with a Silver Basket Cap

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You will receive one Organic Rose Hip Oil packaged in a .36 oz/10ml in a blue glass bottle with a silver flower basket dropper cap, each bottle is shrink wrapped. The refillable bottle is lightweight, convenient size, perfect for dispensing oils accurately; one drop at a time, allowing your oil to last up to twice as long. This bottle is a great addition to your purse, pocketbook, pocket or gym bag.


Check out out our blog and and discover how amazingly how Organic Rose Hip Oil works on skin.


Organic Ingredients: Pure 100% Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil, All Natural and cold pressed. Each bottle is shrink wrapped

The amazing skin benefits of Organic Rose Hip Oil for your skin:




*Fine Lines *Dry,dull & Flaky skin
*Dark spots
*Fine lines & wrinkles
*Dark Under-Eye Circles
*Uneven skintone
*Stretch marks


Rose Hip Oil Skin Care Benefits and Skin Care Uses.


– Rose Hip Oil improves general quality of the skin of both sexes. Even men are using it.


– Rose Hip Oil helps promote accelerated healing of mild to serious burns.


– Rose Hip Oil is excellent at treating dermatological problems, like radio-therapy damage, darkening of the skin and dermatitis.


– Rose Hip Oil helps reverse aging of the skin due to U.V. radiation damage.


– Rose Hip Oil helps in scar healing and after sun care, into several layers of your skin.


– Rosehip Oil helps in healing skin grafts, brown spots, deep lines associated with dry prematurely aged skin.


Brochures come with the delivery of our products. Do not freeze any product contained in glass.


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