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Nutricare Plus Emu Oil...

Nutricare Plus Pure Emu Oil Roll on .35 Ounce, AEA Certified, Organic Lip Balms, Refillable, Unscented, Moisturizes Dry Cracked, Chapped Lips, Twice .15 Lip Balm Sticks, Larger than .25 Tubes, for Men, and Women.

100% Pure, organic, odorless, unscented and packaged in a reusable blue glass rollon with a white screw on cap. Hydrates lips while preventing moisture loss with a smooth, unflavored, tasteless, non greasy texture. Emu Oil Lip Treatment is effective: moisturizes and soothes cracked lips, dry lips, parched lips, or irritated skin, cold sores, and acne.  

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Showing 19–23 of 23 results