Poly Mailers made from PLA,

Poly Mailers made from PLA, PBAT materials are not Eco friendly.

  • April 3, 2021
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Poly Mailers made from PLA, PBAT materials are not Eco friendly.

✅ Poly Mailers made from PLA, PBAT materials state they are Eco friendly, Compostable” While the PLA/PBAT is better than plastic. PBAT is made from petroleum, Yes, oil which is not renewable. In the wild it takes 80 years for PLA to decompose.

✅ Biodegradable plastics used in Cornstarch Mailer Bags are usually composed of 20-25% cornstarch, 5-10% PLA from corn and the remainder PBAT 65% ( made from oil ). Studies have found that PLA can be home composted when it was blended with PCL at a 80/20 ratio.

✅ In Germany 95% of the composting plants cannot compost bio-plastics. In the USA, the bio-plastics composting infrastructure for the biological degradation of PLA and other bio-plastics is lacking even more.

✅ No Tree Was Harmed Bamboo Kraft Mailers are pollution-free, low-carbon environmental impact, high strength, high environmental protection, and is currently the world’s best environmentally friendly packaging materials.

✅ 72 percent of consumers in the USA, Canada, and Europe want sustainable packaging when they buy a product online and are willing pay extra for eco friendly shipping supplies.

✅ Celebrate Earth Day every day when No Tree was harmed. Deforestation causes permanent removal of trees. Deforestation Kills the Tree of Life and without Trees all life that lives in a forest disappears. Bamboo Kraft Mailers. Kraft Paper,  Honeycomb cushion Paper, Boxes, Jars, Lip Balm and Deodorant Push Up Tubes saves trees by reducing deforestation that saves animal habitats and helps maintain rainfall levels.