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Our Vision - NutriCare Plus

Capitalism with Social Responsibility


Our Vision, The Road to a Better World!


“Great things come from people who are not afraid to risk making others around them feel uncomfortable with their futuristic vision.” Brian Michael Good

As a manufacturer we believe we should be socially conscious and protect the natural environment by practicing the 7 R’s of Organic Sustainable Packaging…

Refuse Plastic, Replace, Reduce your Carbon Footprint, Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle, Return to Nature.

No Guilt – Zero Waste

Nutricare Plus takes pride in providing Minimal Sustainable Packaging. Our Pure Emu Oil, Formula 1981 Aftercare, and Antioxidant Serums are packaged in UV Cobalt Blue Glass bottles that are shrink banded. The 30 Millimeter bottles comes with both a white cap and a Dropper cap. It is placed in a reusable zip lock Matt bag that is secure, and damage resistant. Our Refillable – Reuse – Repurpose.  Our No Tree Was Harmed Eco Bamboo Kraft packaging brand is "Saving the Earth one package at a time." ™

We are currently transitioning from plastic jars to Bamboo Paperboard jars, Aluminum Tins, and Bamboo Glass Jars. We will use our current inventory of empty plastic jars and discontinue them once the jars are depleted from our inventory. Our salves and balms can be purchased in 30 gram Bamboo Paperboard jars, Non BPA 30 gram or 60 gram aluminum tins, and Bamboo Jars with a glass inner jar.

The Smooth Fusion ® Organics ™ skincare products and Burnicare OrganicsHerbal Vegan Skincare strive to use Non- GMO raw materials that do not damage the environment, and 10% of our profits that are matched by the contributions of others will be donated to charity and people in need.

Since 2001, Nutricare Plus, and Tattoo You Organics, continue to market natural health and healing by offering special formulated skin care products, herbal remedies, anti-aging skin creams, and antioxidant oils for the body, mind, and spirit using only the highest quality of herbal, vegan, natural, and certified organic ingredients.

Brian Michael Good, Founder of Nutricare Plus ™, Tattoo You Organics ™, Burnicare Organics Herbal Vegan Skincare, No Tree Was Harmed, and The Green Postal Store, The Best To Live ™  and Peaceful World(s) are registered as 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations, both have never been funded and currently only have an online presence for informational purposes.

“No human is an island if they want to be successful.”Brian Michael Good

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