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Nutricare Plus And No Tree Was Harmed Wholesale Inquires

  • December 10, 2020
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Nutricare Plus And No Tree Was Harmed Wholesale Inquires

Our No Tree Was Harmed ™ brand markets eco-friendly packaging made from vegan bamboo that does not contain plastic, wood, wood pulp, or tree byproducts.

Celebrate Earth Day every day when No Tree was harmed. Deforestation causes permanent removal of trees. Deforestation Kills the Tree of Life and without Trees all life that lives in a forest disappears. Bamboo Kraft Paper, Boxes, Jars, Lip Balm and Deodorant Push Up Tubes saves trees by reducing deforestation that saves animal habitats and helps maintain rainfall levels.

Make your hand made products stand out, grow market share, increase revenue by promoting brand awareness when you choose sustainable packaging over the bottom line. Our Kraft Mailers are made from 100 percent bamboo that does not contain plastic, wood, wood pulp, or tree byproducts.

Bamboo is strong, dependable, biodegradable, no micro-plastics, no chlorine bleach, no fragrances, no BPA, no petroleum, and other fossil fuel ingredients.

No Tree Was Harmed as a manufacturer we believe we should be socially conscious and protect the natural environment by practicing the 7 R’s of Organic Sustainable Packaging…

Refuse Plastic, Replace, Reduce your Carbon Footprint, Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle, Return to Nature.

No Guilt – Zero Wast

Since 2001, Nutricare Plus ™, Balance of Nature, Tattoo You Organics ™, and Burnicare Organics ™ have promoted and marketed the healing powers of nature. The specially formulated Smooth Fusion Organics™ skincare line and the advanced BurniCare Organics™ herbal infused vegan remedies fight wrinkles with a skin firming effect and help heal inflammatory skin conditions.

Handmade, handcrafted, hand poured in small-batches, and individually shrink wrapped by a USA Herbalist. They have been tested on the open market for over fifteen years with outstanding results, which is why we are bringing them to you in far greater quantity than in 2001.

“Now you can enjoy the soothing and refreshing rejuvenation experience and have skin that loves to be touched” ™
only at NutriCare Plus

The ingredients used in our Burnicare Organics skincare line is a highly effective organically made premium quality skincare product with at least 95% Non-GMO certified organic ingredients and remaining ingredients are all natural. All the ingredients are paraben free, soy free and palm oil free.

To place a Bulk / Wholesale Order, please you can inquiry on our contact page.

The founder has chosen to be in close contact all of our wholesale customers to insure that are wholesale orders are prepared and packaged after they are submitted to guarantee freshness and all our skincare products are shrinking wrapped.

NutriCare Plus and Burnicare Organics “Take Away Bottles and Slide Top Tins” are lightweight, convenient size, and perfect for dispensing oils accurately. This allows the customer to waste less when they dispense the product creating a more satisfied customer experience when their product lasts up to twice as long.

Our antioxidant oils, salves, balms, serums and herbal vegan skincare product formulas are found nowhere else. We suggest that you sell either All Natural Pure Emu oil or Certified Organic Sesame Oil in conjunction with our other products, allowing them to spread easier and have better absorption into the derma layer of skin.

Thank you for your Nutricare Plus and No Tree Was Harmed wholesale inquiry.

Brian Michael Good, Founder