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  • December 10, 2020
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We take pride in our unique formulas; made of the highest quality holistic ingredients used to produce our high quality skincare that bears the Smooth Fusion Organics, the NutriCare Plus and the Tattoo You Organics brands.

By the time we reach the age of fifty our skin produces ten times less oil than when we were twenty-five. Lack of oil and depleted moisture lead to dehydration and wrinkling of the skin.

If you live in a southern climate, you age ten years faster than someone that lives in Michigan or Maine; so you need to take care of your skin as much as you can.

Why let wrinkles and the signs of aging appear on your face unwelcomed. Use Burnicure from the Smooth Fusion Organics, a special formulated organically made skin care product so when you are thirty you will still have “Skin that loves to be touched” and the appearance of a much younger woman.

The question you may ask yourself is not whether to use our skincare products but whether you will share your skin care secret with your friends.

People often get most of their sun exposure before the age of 18 (thanks to all that time playing outdoors), sun damage, which causes wrinkles, discoloration, and skin cancers, happens steadily throughout your life. In fact, a study published by the American Society for Photobiology found that Americans acquire only 23 percent of their sun damage by age 18 and get about 10 percent more every decade after that.

Childhood is believed to be a susceptible window for long-term harmful effects of UV. White children, those with the palest complexions suffer the most damage. Some scientist think that the total UV(sun damage into the 2nd and 3rd derma layer of skin increases wrinkling and aging of the skin) around 40–50% of occurs before age 20.

We suggest using Pure Emu Oil, a transdermal carrier oil as a base that brings Bumicure ® ingredients through the derma layer of skin.

World’s Worst Places To Get A Sunburn

Australia (Risk: Ozone Hole)

Colorado (Risk: High Altitude)

Boracay, Philippines (Risk: Low Latitude)

The Caribbean (Risk: Water)

Rome (Risk: Midday Sun)

Patagonia (Risk: Wind)

India (Risk: Medications)

Zermatt, Switzerland (Risk: Snow)

Seattle, WA (Risk: Clouds)

Skin-Saving Advice:

“When you’re applying sunscreen, don’t neglect those often-forgotten body parts that get regular exposure to the sun. Ears, lips, necks, scalp and hands all regularly take a UV beating and all are sometimes overlooked by even diligent sunscreen users. They’re also some of the most common spots for basal-cell carcinoma, one of the skin cancers associated with excessive exposure to the sun.” – Christine Sarkis