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Nutricare Plus Testimonial Blog lets our customers see how Smooth Fusion ® Organics, an advanced skincare line for men and women is designed for anti-aging and to heal problem skin conditions by using only natural and certified organic ingredients found in the herbal and organic tradition.

Now you too can enjoy the soothing and refreshing rejuvenation experience and have “Skin that loves to be touched” ™ with Smooth Fusion ® Organics.

I give all credit to Shirley Wood for saving my skin.

Brian Michael Good - Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nutricare Plus




It was very nice talking to you this evening. You sound like a happy and energetic person. Your skincare products are great. I've been using the Antioxidant Serum, Emu Oil and Grape Seed Oil for about four months. My face has never felt so smooth and soft. Also a real plus for me, none of these irritate my eyes. Over the years many brands have made my eyes feel very dry. Not yours. My routine is to use these products morning and night. I am 68 years young, and still have much younger women compliment me about how good my skin looks.


Many years ago, (about 20+), I met Shirley Wood, she got me interested in her facial exfoliation treatments. I give all credit to Shirley for "saving my skin". She is extremely knowledgeable about skin and all the layers beneath the surface, and has spent her life researching new and better products with ingredients that really work. Obviously she has found that in your products from Nutricare Plus.


Thank you for having these wonderful products available at a medium price.




Lana, California


Robin Ball, Licensed Esthetician, Medical Assistant, Consultant

Brian Michael Good - Thursday, June 05, 2008


Robin Ball, Licensed Esthetician, Medical Assistant, Consultant

Balance of Nature Antioxidant Serum, from the Smooth Fusion ® Organics skin care line, has all the renowned ingredients which have been proven to slow down the aging process, minimize wrinkles and regenerate skin cells. This moisturizer floods your skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins and leaves your skin feeling extremely moist, soft and youthful.


I blend the Nutricare Plus Pure Emu Oil and Balance of Nature Antioxidant Serum together on my fingertips to make a cocktail moisturizer and my skin looks and feels great! My client's and I love these products! They will keep your skin looking younger without paying enormous prices. "I recommend these products to everyone wanting smoother younger looking skin and wrinkle reduction.


As a professional Licensed Esthetician and Medical Assistant, I have used many quality skincare lines over the past seven years. I discovered Triple Refined Pure Emu Oil after seeing it on Oprah and found it to be the most intense moisturizer I have ever used. Then I found Nutricare Plus Pure Emu Oil which is exactly the same Pure Emu Oil "seen on Oprah" but at a fraction of the cost!


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