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Emu Oil has Hundreds of Uses

Brian Michael Good - Thursday, April 28, 2016

Emu Oil has Hundreds of Uses


Emu Oil effective on 1st and 2nd degree burns.


    Emu Oil revives tired muscles.


    Emu Oil relieves pain of arthritis and bursitis


  • Emu Oil softens callused feet.


  • prevents scarring - reduce swelling.


    helps prevent blistering and peeling.


  • diminishes acne inflammation.


  • carries antioxidants into the skin.


  • relieves discomfort of eczema, psoriasis.


  • calms bikini rash


  • gives skin a healthy youthful appearance


  • softens beard stubble


  • makes chapped lips kissable


  • repairs split ends


  • soothes skin after depilatories and waxing


  • prevents windburn


  • eases pain of carpal tunnel syndrome


  • promotes healthy nails


  • helps prevent & lessen keloid scarring


  • conditions hair, aids in hair styling


  • helps prevent hangnails


    softens rough elbows

    stops itching in seconds


  • brightens complexion


  • moisturizes face and body


  • plumps up fine lines and surface wrinkles


  • heals canker sores and cold sores


  • soothes sunburn pain


  • alleviates itching of bug bites


Emu oil as a Natural Moisturizer

Brian Michael Good - Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When you use fully refined Emu Oil you will notice immediately the moisturizing and softening effects. Used 2-3 times daily for six to eight weeks you will visibly see your skin plump up and your wrinkles diminish. But fully refined Emu Oil is not a antioxidant C oil and will not drastically reduce medium or large wrinkles. If this is your goal than consider a serum with other nutrients.


Emu Oil is a natural and holistic product with the highest purity level.



It takes seconds to apply. Nutricare Plus Fully refined Emu Oil has no scent at all. Emu oil is absorbed through your skin penetrating several layers and will not clog pores.


It has a shelf life just as longer many cosmetics. Emu Oil normally lasts for at least two years at room temperature and twice as long when refrigerated. Years in the freezer. Keep at near seventy degrees.

All Pure Emu Oil is not Pure since all Triple Fully Emu Oil and Fully Refined Emu Oil refined at USDA and FDA approved labs must have vitamin E added during the distillation process.

Nutricare Plus Emu oil is fully refined at a state of the art Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved processing facility for the cosmetic and dietary supplement industry.

Emu oils are not all alike. Despite claims to the contrary there are tremendous differences in quality. Our customers have found Dremu Oil to be the most expensive Emu oil in the United States. There is no difference between Dremu Oil and Nutricare Plus fully refined Emu Oil other than the price.

More expensive isn't always better, sometimes it just costs more.


Compare what you might pay for * Dremu Oil


We highly recommend fully refined Emu Oil. Now the decision is yours. Do you want to pay Full Price or save up to 85% off the cost of Triple Fully Emu Oil. I guess you get what you pay for when you pay the higher price but you could have paid a lot less and still have top quality Triple Refined Pure Emu Oil. Triple Refined is just a marketing term.

* Dremu Oil is a registered trademark of Dremu Skincare

Nutricare Plus Pure Emu oil is 100% all natural, ultra clear at room temperature, odorless, creamy white with Vitamin E and certified by the American Emu Association at a state approved processing facility in the USA for the cosmetic and dietary supplement industry.

Nutricare Plus Pure Emu oil is processed with physical refining by removing all contaminates that are harmful and keeps the oil from separating into two layers. Physical refining is clearly accepted as the best all natural oil process available in the food industry.



Emu Oil - The Anti-Aging Factor

Brian Michael Good - Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fully Refined Pure Emu Oil is hypo-allergenic, giving the skin a healthy youthful appearance; stimulates collagen, brightens complexion, plumps up fine lines while re-hydrating antioxidants several layers into the skin.


Emu Oil is a vitamin A & E oil, restoring a more optimal balance of vitamins and fatty acids which doesn’t clog pores.

Fully refined Emu Oil is an excellent emulsifier. It does not cover the skin with a petroleum type air barrier and does not leave the skin feeling oily or greasy.

Emu Oil increases the thickness of human skin 2.5 times when applied to areas of the face and neck and hands, plumps up fine lines, and age marks, dry spots.

The anti-aging factor in Emu oil was proven in a study at the Boston University School of Medicine.

Topical application of Emu Oil delivers these nutrients deep into the skin to support healthy cell growth.


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