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Since 2001, Nutricare Plus has had some of the answers that can work for you! We offer the finest quality of Organic Antioxidant Oils, Organic Salves, Organically Made Creams - Masks, and More - The natural solutions to skin, body, pain, nail, hair, and foot therapy that appeal to both men and women, interested in fitness, beauty and health. We are happy to bring to you the essence of the Smooth Fusion ®  Organics - 100% organic and natural. All our producers take pride in the distilling process they use to produce these extremely high quality oils. All our products are made with certified organic ingredients, and remaining ingredients are all natural, paraben free, containing no harsh chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or chemical preservatives.


Many of our customers became aware of the Nutricare Plus, Balance of Nature, and Smooth Fusion ® Organics brands when they bought our product in person at a craft show in Florida, at the Dick & Ellies Market or Wellfleet Market on Cape Cod, New Hampshire State Fair, as well as other events in New England or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


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Your order will receive our utmost attention and care. We take pride in our prompt service and the careful packing and shipping of your order. Additionally, when you order certain products, we will include a selection of free gifts (i.e. a free empty dispenser - plastic dropper bottle for any 4 ounce bottle or larger quantity) in our NUTRI - "CARE" PLUS "PACKAGE". So, take your time and have a look around. You will find a solution here. Desire for better health and public awareness of how waste impacts our environment are key factors in both the acceptance and success of our products. Our unique plastic dropper bottles and slide top tins enhance the quality of our product while our re-purposed-re-use packaging supplies assure the safe arrival of your order while using fewer natural resources than most Online shipments.


The founder of Nutricare Plus has founded a non-profit called The Green Postal Store "Saving the Earth one package at a time." The Green Postal Store is here to supply you with not only green products ideas but knowledge to help our environment in a Eco-friendly way. The Green Postal Store's vision is for companies to be more responsible environmentally and re-purpose shipping wastes into earth friendly recycled shipping supplies.


Whether it's for business shipping or daily use, we hope you will see how The Green Postal Store takes pride in providing convenient and safe packaging solutions/suggestions on how you use/reuse/re-purpose products and packaging  into Eco-friendly solutions focusing on re-purposing environmentally friendly green shipping. We hope to provide convenient and safe packaging solutions that are Eco-friendly. Equally important is our commitment to the future.


We respect your privacy and post our privacy policy prominently on Nutricare Plus Order – Price - Privacy Policies pages.


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Download Our Product Catalog

© Copyright 2016 NutriCare Plus All Rights Reserved